Mare Nostrum NGO, Leader of CeNoBS European Project

After 3 weeks and 12,000 km travelled, the most extensive aerial survey activity on cetaceans in the Black Sea basin has come to an end! Preliminary results of the action: 1,750 dolphin and porpoise records. The aerial survey was conducted over the Black Sea waters in Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Turkey and Georgia. The work was carried out within the CeNoBS project, co-funded by the European Union. Eight specialists from 4 European countries, divided into 2 teams, travelled over 12,000 km in 19 days in two Cessna Skymaster "Push Pull" aircraft of Action Air Environment. A team started from Ukraine and the other one from Georgia, collecting data on cetaceans but not only..

Over 5 countries, a single purpose!

Accurate scientific data on the distribution/abundance of BS cetacean populations and on the by catch pressure. The greatest issue concerning the cetacean populations is closer to being solved through an effective and complex project, entitled ”Support MSFD implementation in the Black Sea through establishing a regional monitoring system of cetaceans (D1) and noise monitoring (D11) for achieving GES”- CeNoBS. The kick off meeting of the project took place in Bruxelles, last week and gathered partners and specialists from over 5 countries. The project is Co-funded by European Union thought European Commission Directorate-General Environment grant.